Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Whirlwind: Moving, Marriage, and Munchkin

Andrew and I's first year of marriage was one crazy event. We were married in January and the year whirlwinded around us. Before we were even married six months I found out I was pregnant. My son, Benjamin was born in December of our first year of marriage. We had to move out of our tiny apartment before his birth.. so that made it marriage, munchkin and moving all within one short year.

What was the craziest year of your marriage like? What is your favorite and least favorite memories of that year?

Its amazing what a year like that can do to bring you together. I know we grew so much in that one year. Although we have only been married three years now, we have the knowledge of life that comes from many more.

We now have two handsome boys in our life. Its a great blessing and a tiring struggle at times. I find myself at times wishing for the days prec-hildren. Yet, I know that I wouldn't do it any other way. For the missed sleep, missed date, and craziness... it was still worth it.

Marriage is a rough road. Its not for the week and willing to give up type. You must be strong. You must commit. You will fight, cry, struggle, and other times you will smile, grow, and make love. Its a balance and a gift. Its burden and a blessing. I wont lie and say we have it right or that we are always happy. However, I love is true and chosen. We wont give up on this thing called marriage, we are in it for life.

Tomorrow we will be hearing from my little brother, the author behind A Daily Dose of R&R about love and life in a long distance relationship. So please stop by. Also, check out his latest project: Neverland's Library Anthology

Out of his own mouth, "It's a fantasy anthology I started to raise money to go towards providing textbooks for children in need. We partnered with First Book, because they've been doing just that for years. Also, we assembled authors from several major publishers: Orbit, McMillan, Nightshade and more."

There is only a few hours left in his campaign, so check it out!


  1. Craziest year for Michael and Me had pregnancy, move, new job, babies, NICU, unemployment and moving again- all within 13 months!So glad life has calmed down!!

    1. My oh my! That is a crazy year! Someday will have stories to tell our adult children!