Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Longest 2 Years of My Life

Long engagements are great for planning weddings and building a good relationship foundations, but its not an easy task for everyone! Immediately after saying yes to Andrew, I went back to school for two years (excluding spring and summer break). Long distance relationships are very challenging, but not impossible. We spoke daily (thank goodness for mobile to mobile), we movie chatted online, and we did a lot of day dreaming. I had an abundance of time to plan the wedding and make it a little friendlier on our wallets. I was able to spread out purchases and do a lot of research before making my final decisions. In the short breaks I had during those two years, I returned home. During those times we spend almost every waking moment together. We would stay out until the wee hours in the morning because we couldn't bare the idea of having to say "good night" and "goodbye". During those two years we covered most of the important conversations- children, arguments, dreams and desires, etc. I can't say we got it all right, but we did talk a whole lot! Of course when we were together we struggled with the desires that come from such emotional closeness. We struggled with keeping our own boundaries. Still, we made it to our wedding day with all the excitement that comes with it and knowing that we would never again have to say "good night" and "good bye".

Long distance relationships are one of those things. Some people say they are worth it, others say its not. In my case I would say it changed my life. This leads me to some very exciting news! Next week we will be having a guest blogger speaking on long distance relationships. They have some exciting news to share, an interesting point of view and hopefully some good tips on keeping that romance alive. Even more fun, we are getting all this from a man's point of view! Roger from A Daily Dose of R & R will be joining us! Please make my brother feel welcome. Before he posts I would love to have my readers provide some questions for the men who have been helping this month. My husband Andrew and my brother Roger would be glad to share their thoughts on any topic related to love and relationships. Please comment below or use my contact information to get a hold of me.

What You've Missed

I've been a busy beaver the past few days. I apologize for the lack of posts. However, I did write an introduction page, so please go check it out. I also have two stylish outfits to share with you as well!

My Outfits

It feels like I went so long without clothes from Gwynnie Bee! I finally received a new box this week, so I wasted no time in wearing them. I had to do a little adapting because I got the sizing wrong on one dress, but over all, I think I looked pretty put together!





I am wearing the eloquii exposed zip stretch dress which I got from Gwynnie Bee. Had I ordered this in the correct size I may have styled it differently, but I like the look I created. The Kimono shrug came from I think I've said before its one of my favorite pieces!


I wore another Gwynnie Bee delight on Wednesday. The Igigi Jodi top was a wrap style blouse. I had a bit of a time getting it to tie correctly, but after I did the it looked lovely. I like the colors and the gorgeous flower print. I made it work friendly with a lace trim camisole. I wore Lane Bryant dress capri pant and my flats to make it look a little less formal.


Thursday was my call to summer! I pulled one of my summer dresses out and paired it with a corduroy blazer from Lane Bryant to make it work appropriate. I couldn't help but wear my sandals with it though! The necklace I wore was one of those great craft fair finds again. I rarely have a chance to wear it because of its very detailed style. I think it worked today with the fun mix and match look I had.

Looking Forward

I am going on a camping trip with my family and my mother. We have been camping every year about this time for a long time. It is one of my mother's favorite things to do for Mother's day. For this reason, you may not hear much from me until Sunday evening. I am looking forward to a weekend without too much technology and plenty of family time! Next week we will have a lot of fun stuff going on. We should be finishing up the telling of Andrew and I's "love story" so far. We might also get to some other interesting topics such as a few marriage and relationship book reviews, and a look at SEX.... so stay tuned.

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