Monday, May 13, 2013

Randomness, Romance, and Rumblings

Romance and Rumblings

Its been a while since I've posted on my theme of Romance. I have admit that we are struggling with the theme. You would think it should be easy to focus on such an important relationship, yet we both get caught up in life. This got me thinking about our past... I'm not just talking about the major events of our story together, I'm talking about the tiny details that have seemed to disappear with three years of marriage and two children. Sometimes it breaks my heart to see how different we have become.

Today I found myself people watching at the mall while my son played in the play area. I was suddenly a little jealous of the teens walking by. I miss the days of carelessly walking through the mall, holding Andrew's hand. I miss PDA. I miss the days of making out, late night conversations (that weren't fights), and gifts for no reason.

Does three years really change people this much? Do children do it? I even kind of miss the days were Andrew stared at me with obvious lust. Even your sex life changes. We never really had a honeymoon period. We had kids before the end of our first year. I spent out honeymoon period pregnant. Obviously not a turn on. Did we miss something or is the the way it is for everyone?

Here is my question: Do thinks ever go back to that? Do they become a new, better version of romance? OR, does romance die and marriage becomes about choosing love? Tell me, what do you think. I have read MANY books. I have tried at least a hundred methods to bring back that spark. Does hard times change one's whole relationship with their spouse or is it temporary?

I deeply love Andrew. I am aware of what we have to give up for our children. Still, I believe marriage is a gift. I desire to enjoy it for my entire lifetime. Please comment your thoughts below or if you wish to keep your thoughts private you can email me by looking at my contact information- here.


Mother's day weekend did not turn out as planned. My husband got sick so we ended up having to cut our camping trip short. I spent mother's day doing what moms do- caring for their children and their (sick) husband. I did however get plenty of fun photos over the past few days I would love to share!


Our camp site

the kids first night

playing at the family center

stone mining

Making Mother's day flowers for Nanny

Benjamin learning how to play baseball from Grandpa

Dinner Time

Ben was a hoot at dinner time today so I just had to share.

My Outfit

 Two versions of my outfit today, with and without my coat. It was chilly this morning so I wanted to show how I rocked it both ways. Thank you to Gwynnie Bee for the Eloquii dress. The belt is also from Eloquii. I LOVE the obi belt style.

Looking Fashion Forward

I have been thinking about my fashion for summer!!! I usually pick a theme so I keep my shopping to a minimum. Not too long ago I did nautical which was a lot of fun. I made the who family join me. These are the options this year:

Boho   Look 1, Look 2, Look 3
Girly    Look 1, Look 2, Look 3
Rocker Look 1, Look 2, Look 3
Beachy Look 1, Look 2, Look 3

Please check out the links beside each of these to see how I might pull off the look. On the side of my page there will be a place to vote on your favorite!

I also wanted to announce I finally found myself a bathing suit. Now, don't be disappointed... its not a fatkini. However, its super hot for a one piece! I cant wait to reveal it!

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