Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flash Back: Surprise! Im Home! Im engaged!

 Before I move on to the actual subject of the post, I must catch you up on my missed days! I've been a busy bee the last few days. So busy, in fact that I have a lot to share. Since I've shared last, I've offered my writing services to another blog as a guest blogger, packed and given away lots of my sons' old stuff, and worked a booth at a local festival.

My Outfits

The pose for Thursday comes from a comment my husband made that I looked like a "flashy Rosie the Riveter". I went with the idea. I was wearing all kinds of fun on Thursday. My head scarf is a breast cancer awareness scarf. Someone gave it to me as a gift. The chambray shirt is from Lane Bryant. I'm so glad chambray is still in. I got that last summer! However, my favorite part of the whole outfit is my neon pick sneakers from K-mart. I love the neon phase. I would rock it all the time if I had enough pieces! On Friday I am wearing a Wal-mart infinity scarf, and a blouse I found at Good Will. I am also rocking shoes I recently adapted. They did have backs that never stayed up. So, snip! I fixed the problem. Its like a brand new pair of shoes. I'm getting compliments again on them. I'm wearing ruby, flower stud earrings in this picture, so you cant see them well. They are some of my few "nice" pieces of jewelry I own. What that outfit really needed was some bracelets I think.

The Strawberry Festival 

 Like I said, I worked a booth with my coworkers from Growing Up in the Valley. We had a blast and took lots of pictures. Tons of families stopped by and got in on the fun too!

Flash Back

As I promised, here is a little more from my husband and I's past. We really didn't have a long dating relationship. Only a few months after we had our first date, I moved out of state to go to school (around the end of August). We kept up a long distance relationship. In the fall I had a short four day break of classes. As a surprise I decided to fly home and see my family. I made arrangements with Andrew to get me from the airport and bring me to my parents house to make it a complete surprise. Sadly, things did not go as planned. Extreme flight delays forced me to call my mother and inform her of my plans. I wanted everyone to be awake when I arrived! The delays only got worse by the hour. It was after 10pm by the time I arrived in town. Andrew picked me up from the airport. He seemed slightly nervous and very excited to see me. He requested a little personal time before we headed to my parents house. It was late, but I missed him just as much. We stopped at the church across the street from my parent's. We parked in their lot and got out of the car. Before leaving for school, we had often come there to dance in the street light before our final goodbyes. Today seemed to be no different. The music from the car was playing and we danced happily. After a while Andrew asked me to shut my eyes. I then knew something was up. When he allowed me to open my eyes, there he sat on one knee. In his hand he held a family ring and asked me the most important question of my life, "Will you marry me?" I said yes and jumped into his arms to kiss him before he could even stand. This was our first kiss. 

Let me explain. I decided from a young age that I would save my first kiss for the man I was to marry. It was a difficult challenge. Several guys wanted to steal that special gift away. Still, I held on to it. Poor Andrew was unaware of this decision at first. After three dates without a kiss, I felt bad for him. I finally broke the news to him.

After Andrew was able to get off of his knees, we kissed several more times before arriving at my parents home. I walked in the door and said "Surprise! I'm home! I'm engaged!" The mix of emotions in the house was amusing. I was aware that Andrew had already asked my father already for my hand. However my father thought that all this was planned for Christmas, when I was supposed to be home. The next few days were a whirlwind of photos, kisses, and excitement.

Get To Know Me Again

People change and grow over time. The man I married three years ago is not completely the same as he is today. My project for the next few days is to come up with a few questions I asked him when we were dating to see how the answers have changed over the years. Yesterday I already asked him some personal questions about preference. Since I am a bigger woman, I was curious about how Andrew's preferences in woman had changed since we have been together. Interestingly enough, I was the exception to his past dating rules. Although I am the only woman for him, he can now see the beauty in many different aspects of a woman. Hopefully I will learn something new and interesting over the next few day. I am going to request the same out of him. Maybe I will be able to share the answers tomorrow or Monday evening!

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