Monday, July 15, 2013

100th Post!

How lucky is this?! My 100th post falls in my birthday month! I'm so excited that I am not even sure how we should celebrate this fact. I'd have a party and invite you all, but that's a little impossible. So here is what I did do today! I used something from my recently arrived Glam Bag to pretty up my tootsies!

Speaking of the Glam Bag, if you are interested in joining in on the beauty product fun, you can join on ipsy. For ten bucks a month you get 4-5 awesome beauty products in a cool little makeup bag. They are usually full or travel size. I promise its worth it. I LOVE getting stuff in the mail. Here is what my recent selection looked like.

I love the lip crayon and nail polish. They are such fun colors! I have also used the COOLA sunblock as well. It was great as well. I look forward to giving the eyeshadow and hairspray a try!

Other than looking glam-tastic today with my new products, I also got to show off some Gwynnie Bee over the past few days. Here is a little glimpse!

 I'm sure you are very aware by now how much I love this company. They have spectacular costumer service and they keep new clothes coming in all the time! Let's just say I have over 90 things in my virtual closet at this point. I will have to be with Gwynnie Bee for a lifetime and I would still not get to try everything I love.

 If you are size 10 plus, I would highly recommend it. Still on the fence? The first 30 days are completely FREE. However, once you try, you will get hooked!

Now, on to how we shall celebrate this 100th post. I'm up for ideas. This is the week of the hundredth post, so lets make it a week of celebration and fun. I mean, its still my birthday month too! Let's party!

My husband suggested I do a GIVEAWAY! I think that is a fabulous idea! How would you like to receive lip gloss from one of my all-time favorite brands for lip-balm? Soft Lips now has a pearl gloss. It still has the same great 10 spf, but it has lovely, pink, sheer coverage. Here is how to grab it!

  1. Follow my blog. If you already do, you have a head start! Comment below that have. (1 entry)
  2. Like me on Facebook. Comment below that you have. (1 entry)
  3. Come up with one creative way you think we can celebrate my birthday month and/or 100th post and tell me in a comment. (1 entry) If I use your idea you get 2 entries!
Good luck everyone! Remember to include your email address so I can notify the winner. This giveaway will be randomly drawn on Sunday, July 21! Have fun!


  1. Happy Birthday and 100th blog post! I am following~

  2. I'm following on Facebook... and bloglovin'. To celebrate? How about a trip to the Peaks of Otter? The restaurant has reopened (as well as the lodge...) but even dinner followed by a walk around the lake (with or without kids) is awesome!