Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I want it delivered.

Did you know that you can have just about anything delivered to your door? Even better, you can have monthly subscriptions to have things delivered?! I think its amazing. As you know, I am apart of a few such websites. However, there are so many. I can't afford to be apart of them all at this point, but I feel like sharing. Below is just a few that are super cool that I have found.

Grab Bag Love. Delivers grab bags of all sorts of things! I mean really?! I want one. Around $25 each
Julep. Delivers trendy nail polish and other skin related products. Approximately $20 a month
Love With Food. Delivers gourmet samples. Approximately $10 a month
Citrus Lane. Delivers children's items based on age. Starting at $21 a month
Mynt Box. Delivers fashion costume jewelry. Prices range but you can get two pieces for $20 a month.
Ipsy. Delivers 4-5 full or travel size samples a month in a makeup bag. I am a part of this one and love it! Only $10 a month.
Gwynnie Bee- Like Netflicks for plus size clothing. If you are a size 10 plus, you must check it out. Try it for 30 days free!

These are just a few. You can order all sorts of other things online too. From diapers to shampoo! Have you found anything interesting you can have delivered? If I could have (or afford) my way, I'd get something awesome on the mail daily!

Thank you to my new followers from the Bloggy Moms July Blog Hop! I look forward to more visiting and visits!

All week my oldest son is in VBS, so I get home late. I apologize for late or lacking posts! I will do my best to keep up.

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