Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My son made my day today. My husband and I had two separate shopping cart in CVS today as we picked up a few things we needed to head on vacation on Sunday. Benjamin was in his and Henry was in mine. We shopped separately for most of the trip, but when I did catch up to my husband, Ben called out to me, "oh, mommy your pretty." My day was MADE! Couldn't help but feel happy the rest of the day. He is my sweet little man.


One of my all time favorite birthday memories comes from my 14th birthday. I did all the planning and it made me appreciate it all the more. My 13th birthday failed to meet my expectations and desires, so I was determined to make my 14th fantastic. I planned a superb luau party. I had everything you could need, leis, Hawaiian music, appropriate games such as limbo, perfect decoration of flowers and outdoor lamps. I even learned some hula basics. I had numerous friends come. In fact, I cant remember ever having more before or since then.

It may be that party that created my passion in creating fantastic parties. I love to plan parties- birthdays, weddings, get togethers, etc. With even a small budget and a little idea, I can create a masterpiece.

What is your favorite birthday (party) memory? Do you enjoy planning events? I'll be out of town on my birthday, should I plan something for our return? I'm open to ideas!

Looking Forward

I'd love to share some of the awesome parties I've had over my years. I may even sure about a few of my favorite parties I have planned.

Heads Up! I will be out of town starting on the 7th of July until the 11th. There probably wont be any posts during that time. Please keep commenting and I'll be back and full of ideas by Friday!

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