Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things I HATE

There are very few things, especially people that I can say I HATE. However, I do have a few. Since I spent an unusual amount of time looking at useless news articles, I feel like sharing those things with you today. 

10 Things I HATE

First, I hate discussing politics. I hate it more when the person doesn't agree with me.

Second, I hate to sit and watch tv for any length of time.

Third, debt collectors. I don't hate the person so much as the job they do.

Fourth, bank fee. Curses on bank fees!

Fifth, I hate student loans. Lies! They were not the "good" debt I was promised.

Sixth, being awoken every night for 8+ months. Henry, get it together now!

Seventh, dry feet. I especially hate the feeling of dry feet against many fabrics.

Eighth, I hate hard beds. I can't sleep and my back hurts!

Nine, I hate seeing my kids hurt. Truthfully, I hate to see any child hurt. I once told my mother I couldn't go into social work because I would end up in jail.

Ten, ingrown hairs. Along with this I should include hair growing in unfortunate places, pimples, calcium bumps, black heads, and hang nails.

A few things I dislike but I dont feel strongly enough to hate...


  • Canned mushrooms
  • Bad breath
  • Being told to calm down when I am angry.
  • The silent treatment
  • Bad drivers
  • Painful shoes
  • Uncomfortable bras (this is almost hate worthy)
  • Removing nail polish
  • Broken nails
  • Being alone
I hope you feel like you know me better now! I certainly feel better. 


  1. I hate talking about politics and a hard bed (especially at a hotel). I have back issues and it makes my back hurt so bad if the bed is hard.

    1. Same here. I have degenerative Disc disease (basically really bad arthritis in you back) and my back hurts big time after attempting to sleep on a hard bed. Not to mention my hips hate it too!