Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Rainy Independence Day!

America and I share the same birthday week! Its a beautiful thing to live in a country where I can believe ans speak freely. We had an absolute blast celebrating today. We lounged around, went to the fair, ate a yummy dinner with dessert and did our own fireworks. After it all, we looked up patriotic songs on YouTube and went to town.
 As you can probably tell, we got rained on all day. Still, I couldn't have asked for a better 4th of July with the family!

What did you do for America's birthday? Fireworks? Eat Watermelon? Grill?


  1. WOW how fun, even though it rained :-( Happy Birthday! We had perfect weather (which is different from previous rainy or scorching years) We enjoyed a parade and fireworks and overall just a family day!

    Enjoy Influenster! I replied on my blog, but if you don't see it... It is different, lots of surveys and not much blogger interaction but so far (30 days in) it is fun! I understand they are fans of V-blogging, but I haven't gotten in to that yet! Good luck!

  2. We had fireworks and RAIN! Glad that didn't squelch the fun though.