Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Second Runner Ups & The Intangables

Yesterday I gave you the 5 most wanted things off my Want It! list on Pinterest. Today I will cover the 5 second runner ups and the things I really want that money can't buy.

Runner Ups 

1. Amanda Logo Clutch by Tory Burch
2. Color wheel Umbrella
 3. Moss Terrarium Necklace 
4. Tank night dress with lace back (cute and sexy!)
5. Total body support pillow


1. For Henry to sleep through the night.
2. A good job for the hubby
3. Freedom from pain. I doubt I've mention that I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease. My back is in constant pain. It makes lifting and caring for my children painful and life generally more exhausting.

4. Health for my family. Both my mother and my husband's mother suffer with mutiple health related issues and pain.
5. For the world to come to Christ. That being said, I'd like to get back on the mission field.
You can learn more about that aspect of my life here.

Looking Forward

Later this week I'd like to look back at my favorite birthdays in the past. I would also like to share my least favorite and the times when things went all wrong!

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  1. I love all those things and I hope all your intangible wishes come true.