Tuesday, April 30, 2013

English Class Woes

I don't know if I mentioned when I started May's theme that I wanted to share Andrew and I's love story, along with all kinds of other romantic things. I want to encourage romance in my marriage, while hopefully inspiring others to do the same!

Today's focus is how Andrew and I met. The title for the post gives a tad bit away. First, I have to admit that we actually "met" in elementary school, but neither of us were interested then. That was back when girls had cooties and boys were from Jupiter. However, by college that mindset had passed and we were at least willing to speak to each other.

The Meeting

At the end of my first year of community college I took a class on American Literature. (Andrew did as well.) I was always seated at the front of the class. (I had a tendency to be a teacher's pet.) Andrew however always sat in the back with his slightly less motivated friends. Before class the boys in the back would have various conversations, often about dating. I remember thinking Andrew was adorable and sweet, but by the way he spoke, he had little luck with love. Nearly every time he opened his mouth it was a story of dating disasters, love lost, or uneven matches. I wont lie, he pouted. Still, I wanted to get to know him. Of course he had no idea of this! One time I did speak up and referenced his unluckiness in love, saying "Maybe you just haven't looked in the right places." I was of course referring to myself, but he continued to be oblivious.

The next semester Andrew and I ended up in the second part of the class together, once again. This time we both had no acquaintances in the class and ended up sitting together. That is how our friendship began to bloom.

I look forward to telling you how our friendship spread to romance tomorrow. Until then I have a few more tidbits of fun to share.

 Andrew's Romantic Advice

Andrew decided he wanted to give a little advice to the men keeping up with us this month. I figured it would be perfectly acceptable to relay some of his advice today! Andrew's comments are in blue, mine are in purple.

  1. Nothing is more important than when your wife needs time with you. (Andrew has not always been the best in this aspect, he is slowly getting better)
  2. When they tell you not to get them anything, or not to worry about some event or date... ignore them. Do something anyway. It shows that you actually care about the event, not just them.
  3. Throw better birthday parties for your wife than me. Make sure its well thought out and don't spill the beans.  (Yes! Once he planned a surprise party for me. I guessed it, so he canceled it completely and did nothing! EPIC FAIL!)
  4. If you have the money, be spontaneous with gifts. Like, flowers, cards, chocolate, and diamonds (or at the same time). (Why does he not keep his own advice?!) If you are like me and have no money, buying diamonds spontaneously is not so easy. However, you can get creative and make a card or make a dessert, or even give seeds for flowers as a gift. (Yep, I have to work for my own flowers...)
  5. Never turn down an opportunity for sex... unless you have a migraine. haha! Not funny. I don't do that.
My Outfit

Rocking my blazer from Gwynnie Bee one more time. I had to send it back today so I could get more awesome clothing. All I can say about my outfit is that I am craving some new accessories! (That, and shoes as always.) Otherwise, I think I look Spring ready and classy!

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