Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 24: Villians, Growth Spurts, and Self Esteem

Let me say this, I've messed up big time Orange Rhino! Fights and frustration with my hubby one evening lead to an outburst.

In general, I am currently struggling. Although I know I need to, I have no desire to write it all out. My self esteem took a sky rocketing plummet yesterday and its been dragging me down since. I went to an appointment, where I learned that I had put on the weight I lost during pregnancy. Not cruelly, but factually told me I must take it off and asked me how I intended on doing it. Its not like I need someone telling me I am chubby, I am aware. I am however disappointed I gained. It causes issues for me all around. As I am already fighting depression and unusual circumstances, I have not cared for myself as I truly should have. Yes, Ive been dressing nice... but I notice the lumps I find too unsightly to call just curvy and my brows have a caveman like appearance. I need to kick my butt in gear. Yet, here I sit.

Both my children are currently going through growth spurts, leaving them both with super powers. However, one has turned to the dark alley of villainous behavior. With (my 7 month old) Henry's growth we have even less sleep than usual. This has caused mommy more than enough displeasure. My oldest, Benjamin has become the bottomless pit. From the time he wakes until he hits the bed at night, all I hear is "I'm hungry" or "I need a snack!" Together they make up the team that will eat me out of food and suck all the energy out of my body.

So, thats life today. Nothing but a rant for this post. I'm sure I will be slightly regulated tomorrow. Until then, don't forget to enter my giveaway here.

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