Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 26: Spoiling Time!

Usually Fridays are water days, but today we did something different. Starting after nap time we took the boys out and didn't look back. First, we took them to Once Upon a Child (a second hand children's store) and got some toys. For the next part of the adventure we went to the mall, where we got all kinds of free stuff! Benjamin did the Barnes & Noble summer reading program. He got a free Lego book for "reading" (being read) 10 books. There was also some kind of event going on at the mall and he got free cotton candy. This kept him occupied while Daddy and I browsed for Daddy's much needed summer clothes. We spoiled him a tad more by getting him an Iron Man suit for his Build-A-Bear Monkey. After shopping we stopped at Red Robin. Using another free thing that came from summer reading, my son was able to eat his meal for free. I truly recommend the local libraries summer reading programs. Please check out what the one in you area does! The manager gave both boys balloons and we finished dinner off with a sundae. After dinner we headed to Wal-mart to to pick up a birthday card and some new shoes for boy. We also got both Henry and Ben some pjs for vacation.

In all, the day was a little costly BUT a lot fun. Worth every dollar and minute. It was a blessing that money from an auto accident earlier in the year just now came to us. This gives us a little extra breathing room and allowed us the ability to spoil the babies! Don't be fooled by the fact Henry didn't get much. He liked riding in the special cart, trying his brother's cotton candy, and eating fries and ice-cream at Red Robin.

What do you do when you want to spoil your children? Is there a special place they love? What affordable ways can you share with me?

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