Monday, June 3, 2013

Orange Rhino: Day 1

Today started my first official day of my "30 Days to Yelling Less Project" with The Orange Rhino. I found today fairly easy with work taking up most of my day. Also, choosing to focus on my goal helped. However, nothing that happened today hit my trigger point. (With my kids that is! I would very much like to attempt the challenge toward my hubby as well.) Today's "homework was to come up with my worst parenting disaster. I easily pinpointed mine. 

How about you? What would make you want to change how you parent?

Summer Fun 

I am so looking forward to the end of the school year and all my fun plans! I pulled up my Windows calender on my computer and started to fill in all the free and affordable summer fun I could think of! For those looking into to doing the same thing, here are some things to consider:

-Museums- Many have free days or affordable rates a few times a month.
-Library- They have a summer reading program where the kids can earn prizes, as well as fun events to attend all summer.
-Bowling- AMF has a program where kids can get 2 free games a day all summer. AMF
-Roller Skating- Some places offer free skating for kids as well. See if one near you does here.
- Visiting new parks once a week
-Fairs and local events
-Vacation Bible School- Nearly every church offers some kind of VBS.
- Movies- Some local theaters have kid priced movies during the day of previously released movies. Many also offer deals on food and drink for kids too.
-Ice-cream!- Burger King is offering $0.50 ice-cream most of the summer (through August 5th) I learned of this through Money Saving Mom.

I will keep you updated with more fun stuff as I collect it!


  1. We should definitely do a movie play-date or something! We like carmike because the ticket prices includes a snack :)

    1. Agreed! Yeah I choose the other because my little bro is a manager! ahah.... Dont tell... we sneak in food o_o shh!