Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day Six: Lazy Saturday

We did nothing (notta thing) today. I didn't even get out of my pajamas. As wonderful as it was to lounge around, I get stir crazy. I prefer to stay busy, it keeps me out of trouble. I did manage to get the kids bathed before bed so they would be ready for church in the morning. I am unusually excited about church tomorrow. Maybe that means something awesome will happen!

My oldest loves letters. He plays with them in the bath, talks about them, sings songs about them, even begs me for them at times. At bedtime we like to stick to calming activities such as books and puzzles. Today he requested his magnet board. He was having a blast until I took out my camera. He decided he would rather play with musical toys at that point (notice the bottom photo). My youngest was not as interested in playtime since we had a late start to our bedtime routine. After I put Benjamin to bed I came back to this:
Daddy had managed to get the boy to sleep without me. If I am lucky, he may sleep a while! Since everyone was asleep I had a chance to work on my summer planning again. Today I borrowed an idea I found on Pinterest about making a "I'm bored" jar. I figured filling a jar with free things to do would help fill those days I don't have plans already.  I wanted to make sure it was "readable" by my two year old, so it is a picture list. Here is the view so far:

Some of the items on the list include PlayDoh, coloring, bubbles, playing ball, chalk, watch a movie, ride a bike, puzzles, and (That reminds me, you should check this out. Teachers and homeschool parents can get a subscription for FREE). I also included a few free places we could visit as well. This includes the duck pond, library, the park and bowling (sign up for free bowling with your child through AMF). What would you add to your "bored" jar?

Orange Rhino

So far so good on my progress. I find it easier not to yell when I am not stress. So days like today make it easy. One of the goals for this week is to find my "triggers" that cause me to yell. As well as the physical signs that I'm about to yell. I know my biggest trigger is stress. Since stress has nothing to do with my children truly, I need to defuse it. Dealing with stress is a big issue. Adult life is no picnic (or perhaps its a picnic full of fire ants). How do you deal with stress? I know this blog helps me tremendously. Music is also beneficial!

Every day is a new adventure! Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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