Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June!

I am happy to say, Summer is near! Since I work at a school, I get the summers off. I am beyond excited because that means more time with my kiddos! Speaking of them, I would like to introduce the theme for the month: Adventures in Parenting! Since I will be home so much, I thought it would be a good time to focus on my babies. I have so many things I would like to cover. From fun things to do to dealing with bad behavior. I'm overflowing, I almost want to bombard you with it all now, but I wont.

I have so much to catch you up on since I have been without my own computer for about a week. You have missed some interesting outfits, fun moments with my kids, and other crazy events. I will try to speedily catch you up so we can move on.

Play Day

 We have taken a liking to visiting the local school's playground. Its so close and convenient. Plus, they have so much wonderful equipment. Benjamin is loving the regular opportunity to run around.

Memorial Day

 We did a few itty-bitty fireworks on Memorial day. They were so small the only personal truly interested was Henry. (Ohhhh, pretty bright light) Benjamin didn't find them very entertaining, notice the fact he is looking away from the whole situation.

My Outfits

All three of the outfits I have above are thanks to Gwynnie Bee. The middle dress is my favorite of them all. The color was so nice and the detail was just perfectly done. I know I've mentioned before how much I love Gwynnie Bee, but I need to say it again. If you are a size 10+, you need to at least try their free month. You will love it!

Looking Foward

Another big focus I wanted to make this month is on being a better parent. One of the ways I intend on doing this is by doing the "30 Days to Yelling Less Project" with The Orange Rhino Challenge. It starts Monday, June 3rd. If you want to join in make sure you sign up sometime today or tomorrow! I hope this will be the start of whole Orange Rhino Challenge for me. (That's 365 days of no yelling) Keep me in your prayers because having a two year old is hard! I also have a big collection of free and affordable summer ideas for kids I plan to share. I have collected these ideas from around the web and word of mouth. I know everyone can use some free entertainment this summer. If you want an early look at some of my plans you can check out my board on Pinterest.

So, how did you feel about last month? Are you looking forward to our theme this month? Is there anything you'd like to see this month? Let me know!

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