Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day Four: The Last Days

Of school I mean! Monday is my final day of "work" before summer break. I look forward to focusing on my family and my other job for Growing Up in the Valley. I find myself constantly on the look out for fun summer ideas. Yesterday we went to the store and purchased a few things from the dollar store to put in a box for summer days without plans. I plan on calling it "Fun Box" or something simple. Ideas anyone? Anyway, here is a few things I have in it so far if you are interested in doing the same.
  1. Puzzles
  2. Chalk
  3. Bubbles
  4. Bug repellent wristbands
  5. Water splash balls
Other things I intend on putting in it are:
  1. Snacks/candy
  2. Crafts
  3. books
What would you put in a summer box of fun? I want to have somewhere to go on rainy days and boring times. I wont have another summer of high hopes and failing plans. I did that last year, I'm ready to do it right!

I also considered theming each week to help organize the weeks and keep Benjamin (my 2 year old) interested. I'm not really sure what kind of themes to go with. Things I considered range from colors and letters to vacation locales. Again, another good place for thoughts!

My Outfit

Since I didn't get online last night, I didn't share my outfit with you either. I was so excited about this Gwynnie Bee send, that I have to share it!
This eloquii embellished shoulder dress was so much cuter in person! I call it the navy version of a perfect LBD. It was comfortable and flattering. I wanted so much purchase it. However, when I went on eloquii to find it, it was already gone. -heart broken- I also got several compliments on my jewelry yesterday as well. Although I cant remember where I purchased it, I'm almost positive it was Old Navy (back when the sold jewelry). I've come to really enjoy Gwynnie Bee. My only sadness comes from having to send pieces I love back. I cant buy everything!

Looking Forward

Summer is quickly approaching. Staying calm and collected on this Rhino challenge will be more difficult when I am home more. I don't want to fail this summer! I want to make this a great summer, especially since we can really afford to go on vacation this year. I will also be trying a new summer style: boho. That will be an adventure of its own. On June 11th I will be able to start sharing more adventures that my kids and I have. We shall see how this goes!

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