Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 Before 30: 24 & 25

24. Go to the second chance prom.

In my area a local radio station does a "prom" for adults. My husband and I were far from together in high-school. (I was home-schooled, he was not.) It would be so awesome to relive that event together. Andrew never went to prom in high-school anyway!

25.  Buy a decent mattress, maybe even a Sleep Number.

I don't get a lot of sleep as it is, it ought to be a good bed I sleep on! Beyond that, I have terrible back problems and I suffer daily with pain. A good bed may reduce some of that and help me be a nicer person during the day.

On a Side Note

I have been working faithfully on number sixteen from my list! Every time the kids have to hula hoop in gym I make great efforts to figure it out. I even practice with them. Although embarrassing, the kids find fascinating.


  1. I've been to the 2nd chance prom twice... once I double dated with my parents and the guy I was dating at the time and then a few years ago I double dated with my ex-hubby and his then 2nd wife. We had so. much. fun. The key is to get the tickets the minute they go on sale. They will sell out in about 45 minutes. And my parents have a sleep number. They love it because they both have different preferences so they can set it for what they like. It's like two mattresses for them!

    1. My hubby and I nearly considered getting two mattresses and putting them together (calling it a king)! We figured it might be cheaper. LOL