Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Before 30: Three & Four


I think I need to get a dentist by the age of thirty! In fact, I think I need one right now. For a week or two now a few of my molars have bothered me. Tonight, while eating dinner half of one of my molars broke! So now I'm losing chunks of my tooth every few minutes. I think I will making an appointment immediately!


I really want to have a day long spa excursion. I don't mean an hour or two! I want the works! Massage-yes! Wax-Yes! Nails- Yes! Hair- Yes! Makeup- Sure! On that day I'm thinking, "if you offer it, I want it!" I like the idea of being pampered, but I don't know if I could ever spend that kind of money on myself. I guess it might just have to be a gift. Will someone please tell my hubby?

I owe you an apology for the missing post yesterday. Since Monday I have been oh so sick. Until I broke my tooth today I thought it was a cold or something, but I know this tooth of mine is infected. I may be going to work tomorrow, but if a dentist will take me, I'm leaving!

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