Sunday, September 29, 2013

30 Before 30: Twenty-nine & Guest Post

29. Create (or be a part of the founding leadership) of a blogger network.

Yes, this one may be a bit on the bold side. Dare I say, nearly impossible. I want to form a group of bloggers who's main purpose is to learn about themselves and others through blogging. Basically, I believe writing and the arts tell a lot about a person.

Speaking of which, today I have a guest blogger! One of my very favorite 20 somethings in fact! Let me introduce you to Andrew the founder of " A Study of Sherlock" society and the author behind its blog, A Study of Sherlock. If you haven't yet guessed, he is also my sweet and handsome hubby. As my hubby states, "[his] group is dedicated to discussing the original Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as discussing new authors who share [the] interest in this great fictional character." If you would like to get connected please check out his blog and Facebook page! You can also join him monthly at the meetings! 

Now, he would like to share with you a small portion of his list of things to do before 3o. I hope you enjoy getting someone else's perspective. I also wanted to get the opinion of someone with more of the world left to see!

If I Could...

Hi, I'm Amanda's husband. Here are five of my desires to do before I turn 30.

1. Go to Ireland. 

I would like to go there because my family line comes from Ireland. I love everything Irish. 

2. Go to Egypt.

I have always had a fascination with ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations. Plus, I'd like to get a picture of me next to the Sphinx. 

3. Visit the Sherlock museum. 

No true fan could ever pass up the chance to see the museum on Baker Street in London, England.

4. Go to Ellis island and look for information on my family.

I like genealogy and I would love to find out more about when my family crossed over to America from Ireland. 

Last but not least...

5. I would like to go to Switzerland to see the hadron collider.

I would like to go there because science is cool and anyone who loves science like me would enjoy seeing the awesome power of a giant particle accelerator. A modern marvel of science! 

I picked these things because, to me they are amazing places that hold vast amounts of knowledge, history, science, and other subjects that I am very fond of. Plus, they would make great vacation spots! My wife asked me to post because of her on going love for blogging. As she supports me, I feel like I want to support her dreams and hobbies. I encourage you all to read and comment on her previous posts (mine as well)!  Thank you and good bye.


  1. GO FOR IT! (The blogging network!) I have a similar goal... a network but with a different purpose! Have you visited project underblog?

    1. Thanks! No, I haven't but I'll check it out!