Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Before 30: Nineteen

19. Write a letter to every major person who influenced my life and thank them.

That would be a long list. I might do a few in November that I will post on the blog. However, I'd really like to give each one a handwritten copy. There is something truly special about handwritten letters.

On another note, I am taking entries for people interested in doing guest post over the next two months!

 This month's theme is obviously "30 things to do before 30". I would love for someone to share their goals and ideas for before a milestone birthday. Next month's theme is not titled yet. We will be discussing and considering methods and ideas for self exploration and discovery. Basically, getting to know yourself!

If you are interested in joining me for either topic OR for future adventures, please contact me. I can't wait to have some wonderful guests!

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