Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Before 30: Eighteen

18. Find the perfect bra!

Yes, I'm airing my delicates in public! (Verbally that is!) Being one of those women with beyond store sized bust, I struggle consistently. Too small cups, not enough lift, bulges, bumps.... oh the horror!!! I hate shopping for bras too. Once upon a time, before kids I could wear the pretty things. I didn't even mind going to try them on. I typically came out pleased. That was such a short lived phase of my life! Now I'm doomed to choices I am less than happy with. I sometimes wonder if my smaller sisters suffer so?

Whatever the case, I want to find that magical bra that will make everything better before my 30th. I'll take suggestions....


  1. my suggestion is to get properly sized at a specialty shop- those ladies work magic! They can tell by looking at you in a t-shirt what is wrong with your current bra and what style you need to wear to feel fabulous. I don't know of any in the area though, which is a bummer. VS has pretty bras but they don't train their employees to size properly.

    1. Thank you. I do wish we had more shops like that around here. I can't buy from VS, like I said my sizes are not carried in most stores.(42G)