Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 Before 30: Fourteen

14. Buy an actual piece of art.

Not a print or duplicate, but a true straight from the studio work. I want to have the original, totally unique piece. I think it's because I feel like its a sign that you are truly an adult and you know the "worth" of the finer things. Don't get me wrong, I love my prints and Wal-mart art! However, I cant say that nothing I own is truly unique. During my years of traveling (which you can check out more- here), I did pick things up from street vendors and side shops.
Something I DIDN'T buy from a street vendor

I have a great love for the truly unique. I appreciate things with a little flair! When I shop its the measuring stick for jewelry, clothing, and decor. I also love things with an International inspiration. This likely comes from my traveling years and my passion for missions. I figure picking out a masterpiece should be a great experience for me.

One a Side Note:

I have been doing research.... "A dangerous past time...." "I know" (Beauty and the Beast) Its a pretty good bet we will be starting a journey into true self discovery soon. Topics and ideas include things like "women who inspire and intrigue me" and "a true life time line". So, this may be the topic of the month of October. We shall see!

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