Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Day At The Park

My family spent the who day together for the first Saturday in a long time. We had to say goodbye to my youngest after dinner because he was heading to NY with his grandma very early in the morning tomorrow. I'm a little sad because I will miss my baby. However, we did enjoy our day together.

I also enjoyed my day yesterday. Yesterday was "Little Feet Meet," part of the Special Olympics for elementary school students. Since I work with children of all levels, I got to help my students participate! It was a blast and the kids were awesome. There is something heart warming about seeing all that support and confidence in one place. I wish I could show you all kinds of pictures, but privacy prevents it. Still, I do have my "Meet" shirt!

My Outfit (Yesterday)

This mighty awesome Eloquii blazer came from Gwynnie Bee. Actually, I want a blazer of my own so badly I am keeping this one to wear it twice! The shirt came with being a attendee and staff member helping at Little Feet Meet. If you are not a supporter in some away already, join the crew! Self esteem and confidence is important for ALL people! Jeans and sneakers are just necessities when you are active on a nice Spring day!

A Day At The Park

Like I said, we spent an awesome day together. I got tons of great photos of our time at the park. Here is a glimpse!

Looking Forward

Tomorrow starts the introduction to one month full of romance! I am super excited about it. It all starts with a date to go see an opera tomorrow and dinner out! I hope the day goes well! I'm sorry I couldn't share more photos, some days Blogger gives me struggles! I look forward to sharing so much this month.

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