Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dont Report Me MIA

I promise I did not fall off the face of the Earth. I've had a frantic past few days and I just haven't had the chance to do any cooking. Unfortunately, I still haven't finished what I intended on doing before this post. The cake I was supposed to be sharing today is still cooling downstairs, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

One of my wigs finally came in the mail yesterday! I was so excited that I hastily said I was going to wear it today. That didn't happen either. Today was Spring picture day at the school I work at, so I couldn't have purple hair for class photos. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to show off my new look.

Other than my wig, a few other of my Spring wardrobe purchases arrived over the past two days! Yesterday my purple skinny jeans and sparkle sandals arrived and today my black and my gold obi belts from eloquii arrived. My heart is breaking that they are closing, since I only recently found them! Speaking of which, my outfit yesterday had one of their pieces... so I will continue...

My Outfit (Yesterday)
I really wanted to love this blouse from eloquii that I got from Gwynnie Bee. Sadly, I think it didn't look good on me. I think it didn't show off my curves and with my short hair I think it was too masculine. I did love the studded collar. I love anything with a little sparkle. The rest of the outfit was pulled out of my own closet. Perhaps a different pair of pants would have helped.

My Outfit (Today)

With Spring pictures today, I wanted to be bright and colorful. I also couldn't wait to show off my new Spring arrivals!
The shoes and pants are from Lane Bryant. The pants are seven7. I got them on clearance for like $12.50. Not bad considering they are a $70 pair of skinny jeans! The shoes I got on a whim because I needed black sandals and these have sparkles on them. The shirt is from JC Pennys many seasons ago. I just pulled it out of my Spring boxes from storage. Im so excited to be pulling all this fun clothing back out. I wish I had worn a fun necklace to add more to this outfit.

Gwynnie Bee

I cant say enough for Gwynnie Bee, they have really been great. Their costumer service is prompt, the clothes are gorgeous, and the price is reasonable. If you have any kind of issue, they quickly resolve it. I plan on continuing my service at least another month before I decide if I can't bare to let it go. I hope you have had a chance to look at their site. Currently they offer sizes 10 plus, but they are hoping to add more sizes. They have all different plans to fit different budgets, and they offer a 30 day trail for free. It is an awesome deal.

Looking Forward

I am bubbling ideas for next months theme, along with thinking how I will complete this month out as a success. With two jobs and two kids, cooking and baking are way more challenging than I thought. So please help encourage me to stay on track!

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