Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break, Please Don't Go!

Tomorrow I say farewell to Spring break and hello work week. Disappointing, I know! Today has been a mixed day for me. I am so tired because I went out last night, worked children's church, and shopped for my mother-in-law. Yet, I've been with my family all day and had lunch with my mother. There is some sad news for everyone today. I didnt get to do anything for my "Julia" project. I thought had chicken ready to make smothered chicken, but no. So, now I have to double time it next week. I don't want to fail my mission of cooking everything on My "Julia" Project board.  I have a month to accomplish it. I can do it!

My Outfit

I love Sundays for so many reasons. One is that I can dress up nice, usually without fear of getting it ruined. I can only dress up so much for work and very little to stay at home. I got to wear another Gwynnie Bee dress today. I must say I adore the colors!
 The dress is by Lands' end. It was very cute and it works wonderfully for Spring. I LOVE purple, so it was right up my alley. I got the purse when I was in Paris, so I can't say I know where you could get it in the United States. The shoes came from some random shoe store, I cant even remember now. I believe is was something like a Super Shoe. I used to adore high heels, but I rarely break them out now. My feet kill me! I've shown the earrings before, I got them at a craft fair.

I'm starting to break out my Spring clothing (the shoes are an example). I'm so excited to dig through the boxes to see what old clothes will be like new again.

Crazy Wonderings

So, I've been thinking about how I'm trying to get to know myself. I have learned one major thing; I have a shopping problem. I can't help it. I love to shop. I am the poster girl for retail therapy. It is always the first thing I want to do when I'm struggling, bored, etc. Can this be a real mental condition?! Can I get therapy for it?! Thank goodness I have a mild portion of self control or who knows where I would be. I'd probably own everything on my Want it! board. What do you do to handle your shopping urges?

Contest Reminder!

 Remember the contest ends April 13th at 8pm. See here to find out how to win a box of my favorite things!


  1. I'm just mingling with the Ultimate Party Blog. I enjoyed your post. I followed with GFC. I also followed you Julia Pinterest board. I want to find out about all the foods you've made. I think I am going to really like your blog!!

  2. I am also hooked on shopping. I am always looking at things for the kids or myself, and sometimes it is really hard to resist. I just did a bunch of spring shopping at Burlintgon Coat Factory. They had some great discounts, so while I did give in to my shopping addiction, I saved more than I spent on it.