Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caramel Butter Budnt Cake

I cheated! I used prepackaged butter cake to complete this lovely cake ans save time. I also used a budnt cake pan, just to make the cake look fancy. However, I did follow the directions for the caramel icing.  You can find the recipe for both the cake and the icing on the site I shared if you feel so inclined. My thoughts are, if you can make life easier with kids, you should. Because I cheated, the only hard thing was the icing, and it was not bad at all. Plus, it tastes so good!

My Outfit
I am digging having purple hair! I've had purple hair once or twice in my life, but never anything close to this color. It was so much fun to have ombre hair. I ordered this wig through a seller on Amazon. The quality is good. The only issue is the long delivery time. It took about two weeks, which is decent since it came from Asia. Wigs are often a fun way to experiment for those who have hairstyle change phobias. (It is also great for people like me who have really short hair.) It takes time to get used to a wig, but over time it gets more comfortable. I really think having a hair cap would help, even with my small amount. The rest of my outfit was just the normal stuff pulled from the closet.

I was running horribly late this morning. I missed my alarm and had little time to get ready.

The kids at work today also loved my purple hair. During journal time they were given a free prompt. Two kids wrote about my hair.

Kindergarten kids are so awesome!

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