Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Queen Geek

I am a royal queen geek who likes to appear to outsiders as normal. If you know me well however, you know that when I like something- I go all out! I have a whole box a costumes, I've stayed up for hours watching Doctor Who, and I am totally at home in the midst of a Renaissance fair. What can I say? Deep down I am a child at heart.

For all my fellow Whovians, today was "The Fall of the Silence" remembrance day. How many marks did you have on your hand/arm? So far I have six... If you have never watched Doctor Who, I recommend it. The episode I am referring to is called "The Unlikely Astronaut". Check it out.

My Outfit

If I had remembered earlier in the day about Doctor Who fun, I may have dressed for the occasion. Sadly, I was unaware until this evening, so you get what I got.

I kind of just threw this together, so its nothing special. I am trying to rearrange and style my clothes differently. Im learning to mix and match and create awesome looks out of my crazy wardrobe. Practice makes perfect, and I need a lot of practice!

A Look Around

You may have notice some updates to my blog. Over the next few days I plan on making my blog more me. I hope you enjoy the changes and additions. I had no idea how much was out there! I am having a blast exploring other bloggers who share their work for free. My next big blog related goal is coming up with my own "grab it" button. I am in the process of determining what I want it to look like. Any ideas?

Preparing For Farewell

This week I have to pack for my two year old son. He is going out of town for a whole week with my mother, his grandma. I will miss him like crazy! I'm trying to think of some way to make him feel special, loved, and missed by me and daddy while he is away. I am just not sure what to do yet. I plan on sending his favorite bedtime books and hopefully Skyping him several times during his absence.  Beyond that, I need to dig into my creativity.

Looking Forward

Several things are about to come up. I am talking to my husband about starting the "Love Life" challenge next week. I have so much to share; I am almost bursting at the seems. I also have been enjoying my Gwynnie Bee so much, I intend to keep it at least another month. I can hardly imagine my life without it now. Crazy. In the very far future, the summer will bring lots of fun things to the blog! I will have a chance to focus on parenting, crafting, and all kinds of fun. One of the great things about working in a school. Please feel free to share anything you want to talk about OR ask any questions to get me thinking. Remember, my whole reason for this blog in the first place was self exploration.

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