Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekends Are Short

Weekends are far too short for my liking. I really think the world should move to three day weekends! Considering how short this weekend has been, I still had a lot to do. I worked on Saturday at event for my job with Growing Up in the Valley Magazine. We had a blast at The Kite Festival!

We had a great view and it was loads of fun! Today was church. I had on a Gwynnie Bee dress, but I was unable to get a picture. I was disappointed with the whole outfit anyway because I couldn't find a good pair of shoes.

Mourning the Loss

I am mourning the loss of several of my favorite fall/winter staples and contemplating letting go of some of the spring/summer stuff I just pulled out that is in rough shape. Farewells so far include, my favorite knitted winter hat and my snake skin loafers. The Spring/summer goodbyes include a pair of chambray pants. Items inching towards death include my fake leather work tote-purse, and my brown with green stone sandals. It is always so sad to see so much go in such a short time.

Lose Ends and Looking Forward

I had hoped to share some schooling things with you and a few other things, but I decided to start Monday out fresh. Considering how I am still currently suffering from melancholy, I hope the new week will refresh me. The early start to my next theme should be starting as soon as I get the ok from my husband. That will mean a likely start will be Friday. Until then, I will do a some focus on a few fun things like educational, crafty, and fashion ideas. I hope you enjoy the little "casserole" you get the next few days!

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