Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cajun Chicken Pasta

 I have to admit that I made this light recipe for Cajun chicken pasta, un-skinny. I made a large number of substitutions to cater to the group I was feeding and in order to buy what was on sale. I used mini yellow and orange peppers, rather than large green ones. I used canned diced tomatoes (strained), and jarred mushrooms(strained). I used 2% and full fat cream cheese because I don't like low fat. I also created my own Cajun seasoning using paprika, onion power, garlic powder, salt, and oregano. Truthfully, I have no idea if thats Cajun, it just smelled and looked right. I needed to take away the spice. Lastly, I forgot chicken broth, so I just added extra water. That is one substitution I would NOT recommend. I think it needed it. Otherwise, it was very good and colorful. It is a dish I'd love to play with and try again.

Cooking this meal was a SEVERAL step process. I would recommend cutting all the vegetables and chicken the day before to make it easier.

My Outfit


The earrings are my turquoise dangles I got in a small little shop in Port Jefferson, NY. I'm pretty sure they are homemade. I adore them. The top is Target. I love sheer flowy clothing. Somewhere deep down it makes me feel like a princess of a fairy. I paired these with my basic LB jeans and Payless black flats. I need to break out of the rut with these flats. I have a collection, I should wear something new!
A better look at my earrings
Portraits of Me

I have never felt bolder or more powerful than I did when I decided to cut my hair off. I told myself that there is so much more to me than others can see. So, I decided to show off my new due.

I got looks all day! I still have to go get my wig out of storage. Until then, let them stare!

Contest Reminder!

 Remember the contest ends April 13th at 8pm. See here to find out how to win a box of my favorite things!


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