Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Don't get down just because it is Monday. I really think we should take advantage of Mondays. We should make them into holidays, reasons to celebrate. In fact, I love to celebrate. Today actually is a holiday. Happy Earth Day! I got two trees I cant wait to plant just for the occasion. I didn't realize what today was when I got up this morning, but I wish I had. I would have planned stuff for my son to do.

Thinking of Earth day really got me itching to get crafty. I want to using my sewing machine something awful. I am looking forward to the summer, I will be able to do so much. I have plans to make reusable sandwich/snack bags, clothes for my oldest son, and several odds and ends for me (including an apron).

My Outfit

I have a fun Gwynnie Bee item to show off today. The moto jacket I am wearing is very unique and not something I would have purchased. I really do love Gwynnie Bee! The rest of my outfit I pulled out of my closet. Sadly, after wearing the sandals today they had to hit the trash. They were the pair I spoke of yesterday, so I knew it was coming. Now I am lacking good brown sandals. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Thinking Out Loud

I saw several things over the past few days that have inspired me. First, I saw a fellow blogger who took a challenge not to yell at her kids for an entire year. This was totally mind blowing to me. It makes me want to take make my own challenge not to yell for an entire year. Period. This is something I may consider doing. Second, my daily devotions have led me to focus on Proverbs. There are so many great nuggets of truth to find. I may be focusing a one a day (or a few in some cases). I plan on sharing that with you all as well. Hopefully it will bless you a little too. Also, I have a few craft projects and children's church ideas bubbling in my brain. Who can say where I will end up?

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