Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Thirty-One: Happy Easter!

Its a bittersweet day! Its Easter, so I'm celebrating and happy. Yet, today marks the final day of our theme "Life, Lunch, and Fashion". I will miss it, but I look forward to the new adventure. This next month will bring a slightly different format. I may not be posting daily, but only when I've made something on "My Julia Project". There is nearly enough to do one everyday, so expect posts often.

I also have more good news for today. Since yesterday I finally hit over 1000 views! I am so excited! So, now is the time to announce a contest!

Ok, in this contest you will win a box full of a few of my favorite things! This will include some items I have reviewed, foods I love, and other great surprises. I'm very excited about it!

The ending date for this contest is April 13th at 8pm. So, you have about two weeks to get in your entries! This is how you can enter:
  1. Follow my blog!
  2. Post a comment stating one item you would like to see me review.
  3. You will get 1 more entry every time you comment on a post up until the 13th of April at 8pm. (Restriction: one comment contest entry a day)
So get to it! Lucky for you it starts tonight!

My Outfit

Can't lie, disappointed with this one. Not that this is Gwynnie Bee's fault. I just didn't choose a good look for me. The dress was so comfortable and well made, but it just didn't hang correctly on me. I really think it had a lot to do with the length. A belt may have helped give me a figure as well.
From Top: pearl earrings and necklace, Igigi dress, black flats
Heels would have been great, but the weather and the fact I was working in the back with the kids made me choose otherwise. I like the pattern of the dress, but I'm just not feeling how it looked on me.  There is nothing new here to share. I think this dress would have worked better if it were on a taller gal and in a smaller size. (To give it a body hugging shape).

Happy Easter Everyone!
From my family to yours!
Henry's first Easter!
Benjamin's superhero basket.

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