Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Eighteen: A Life List

Forgetful Manda

So, at work today I was supposed to have worn green again. I didn't, so I was the kindergarten outcast. Thankfully a coworker had a green bead necklace that I could borrow. I was at risk of being pinched before that point. Otherwise, my outfit turned out alright. It was another rainy, sock soaking day. My hair kind of looked like a drowned cat, but what could I do?

My Outfit

Im proud to say a little less Lane Bryant today, and a little more variety!
From the top: pink and purple dangle earrings, brown sweater, purple cords, gold cap toe flats.

 My sweater is from Old Navy and the cords are from J C Penny's. I usually steer away from colored pants but my husband loved these so much that he insisted on them. Although you cant see them in the top picture, I really think the earrings make the outfit. They are a Lane Bryant buy, but they are so fun. They do run on the heavier side, so its hard to wear them for long periods of time.

My Lunch

Leftovers are starting to become a theme for my lunches. They are easy and require so little preparation, its sad. Today's left over surprise is spaghetti. I will warn you, this was not a good choice for a carry along to work food. Its messy and red. That being said, it tasted great even with the mushrooms.
For the health benefits I also included some tomatoes and cucumbers that were salt and peppered. To counter act my good decision, I also brought garlic bread.

Considering Life Lists

I hope you took a few moments to glance over my life list below. Having life goals is an important part of knowing who you are. Some things on my life list are under my control, others are not (my siblings for example). Many of them take some kind of effort on my part. It has been a while since I read over my list. At one time there were many more things on that list. Its amazing how much Ive been able to remove already at the age of twenty-five. I'm married with children, Ive traveled to many countries, my education is complete, I've even overcome great medical issues. At times I have added new things to my list. On rare occasion something strikes me as so amazing or important that I have to add them. The last two things added were the festival of lanterns and seeing a thunder-snow. These are two breath taking views I don't want to miss in my life time. Over the course of this week I will take some time to consider my list. I want to look deeper into why many things are included. I may also decide to add more as I spend this extra little time in self discovery. Now is your chance to get involved. Leave a comment and share something on your life list.

My Kindergarten lucky number today is 50.... lets see what happens!

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