Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Five: I have a confession

I stole it! I stole my mother's jacket and I don't want to give it back. I really liked it when she got it, and now I have it! I was not at all pleased with my outfit this morning (I lacked clean laundry).  So when I got to my mother's house this morning I went searching for some way to rescue my otherwise doomed wardrobe selection. It helped...some.... So be warned!

From the top: Wind blown half do. Mauve turtleneck, large feather necklace, zebra jacket, purple cords and black shiny flats.
I don't sense tomorrow's look will be much better. Although I have plenty more clean clothes, the weather is supposed to be awful and that usually leads to changes in my outfit. I really want to wear some of my skirts! I enjoy Winter, but I am looking forward to the looks of Spring.

I tried to keep my lunch a little more age appropriate today. It was over half sweet, like me. I enjoyed my entirely finger friendly lunch quite a bit. I added some Lucky Charms just because it's March!

I need a little inspiration for my daily acts of kindness. Any thoughts? I've done well since Sunday but I need a good one for tomorrow through Saturday. Tomorrow may even be a snow day so my circle of people will be minimal. There is always someone in need of a blessing!

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