Saturday, March 9, 2013

Days Eight and Nine: Miss me?

I missed you! I apologize that there is two days in one this evening. Internet issues caused a small bump in my plans for writing last night. I promise to make up for it. I will include Friday's and today's outfit in this post, as well as my lunch from Friday.

So much has happened since Friday it seems like a world of time has passed. It was casual Friday, so I was lucky. I got into my slightly smaller, per-pregnancy jeans!
From the top: turquoise and silver dangle earrings, purple 3/4 sleeve button down, dark wash jeans, silver toe- black flats.

 I really love the dark wash jeans. They are the most formal color of jeans. This makes them perfect for a casual day at work. I tried to class up my look with a button down shirt and a stylish pair of flats. I also tried a new hair style on Friday! Im getting so bored of the same old, same old. Here is a close up. Notice the braid in the front. The rest was pulled back into a basic ponytail.

 As you may remember, Fridays are bento lunch days. I'm saddened to say that my son's lunch turned out way better than mine. The theme Friday was "under the sea".

Another product review! Goldfish bread

I have to admit that the shape of the bread screams "fun," but after tasting it I was disappointed. The bread is very sweet which makes it no good for the meat and cheese type of sandwich. It may be alright for a PB&J or other sweet type sandwich. The bread is also a bit dry and doesn't hold together well when you take the two slices apart. Basically, I don't plan to buy Goldfish bread again. I'll stick to fishy crackers rather than fish bread!

Saturday was a whole new story. I was hoping to bring my son to the park, so my outfit choice was ultra casual. Saturdays are also my no make up or hair washing days, so I already look rough. My hair is usually the most challenge issue. Today I did another altered pony.
I really think the twist distracted from the fact my hair was greasy! Pony tails are always easy to do. I love to try new variations of the style

My outfit mixes the classic t-shirt and jeans look. Jeans and a t-shirt do not need to be boring!
From the bottom: converse style brown and pink herringbone sneakers, dark wash jeans, "Wild about education" t-shirt, brown vest with lace detail, multicolor dangle earrings.

I wish you could see the lace detail in the vest, its the best part of the whole outfit. It makes the vest girly and fun. The shirt comes from my many years working in the education field. Any t-shirt would work with this outfit really, I just pulled the first one out that I could find. I rarely wear t-shirts, so they are hidden in my drawer.

My random acts of kindness went well. Friday's was good. I gave a whole box of jeans to a friend. Today's was a lot smaller. I made something special for my father in law with dinner. Doing something for someone doesn't have to be big, it doesn't even have to cost money. Sometimes words are the best random act of kindness you can give!

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