Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day twelve: A Rainy Day

It was a rainy morning and nothing worked out quite the way I planned. By the time I got my picture taken I was in rough shape. So, if you think the picture is a bit off or my hair is a wreck, you know why! I had fun with my browns today. I mixed and matched several brown pieces to produce a complete ensemble.

My Outfit
From the top: Gold dangle earrings with small stone details, teal camisole, tan cable cardigan, and brown tweed dress slacks. Tan flats with gold cap toe.

 The details in this outfit pull it together, but the picture doesn't do that part justice. I just threw my hair back in a pony tail because of the rain, but I later took it down and enjoyed my curly waves. Unseen in the picture I also had on my gold watch. This outfit is comfortable and work friendly for a rainy spring day.

My Lunch

 Another shameful lunch today. Leftovers are the name of the game when you have kids and little time to prepare. The addition of the sweets comes from my basic lack of self-control. 
What can I say? Nothing beats cold pizza! I'm looking forward to a more complete and health conscious lunch at some point this week.

Mini Theme: Hair Basics

I had a hard time righting a basics list for all hair types and styles. Truthfully, I cant. My list of basics cover some products and brands I love, as well as some helpful hair styling supplies almost everyone can use. I have curly/wavy hair so MY products typically focus on anti-frizz and curl definition. Choose your battle and supply yourself appropriately.

  • Shampoo AND Conditioner- I like using two separate products because it allows me to leave the conditioner in for a period of time before rinsing. I use Garnier Triple Moisture because they no longer make Curl and Shine.
  • Hairspray- Again I use Garnier. In fact, unless I state otherwise, almost all my hair products are.
  • Leave in Conditioner- This is especially important for curly, wavy, or frizzy hair.
  • Hair gel, cream, or serum
  • Hair pins- May I recommend basic bobby pins and Goodies simple styles twist pins. If your hair is long enough I also suggest Simple Styles Modern Updo.
  • Any kind of no pull, metal free hair ties. I like to use ones in the same color as my hair to avoid distracting from my style.
  • Hair claws- I like smaller ones and ones made for think hair.
  • A hair brush with covered, protective bristles- If it hurts your head, its killing your hair.
  • A large tooth comb- This is for detangling.
  • Curling iron and straightening iron- Although I rarely use either, I think they are usually basics for most people.
  • A hair dryer- Its bad for your hair, but if you use one be cautious. If you have curly/wavy hair use a diffuser.
Is there anything else you would add? Let me know, leave a comment below.

Good news! If I get up to 20 (or more) followers before the end of this month's series, I will do a giveaway. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the winner, but the prize will be "a few of my favorite things"! So, I hope to be preparing a package for someone really soon.


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