Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day Two: A little known Secret, The Dollar Store rocks!

I had a great Saturday, I got a nap! As a parent you know its a good day when that happens. I also got a little shopping done, went out to lunch with my mother, and made dinner. I'd say I had a successful day. Getting ready this morning was a bit of a challenge however. Saturdays are my "no wash" hair days, in order to give my hair a break. It is my frail attempt at keeping my curly hair healthy. I read somewhere that you are not supposed to wash your hair everyday. Therefore, I had to come up with a hair style that didn't reveal how terribly greasy my hair truly was. You will have to tell me what you think. I love Saturdays because it is pretty much the only day of the week I can wear jeans, and I take advantage of it.
Starting from the bottom: brown wedge heel boots with buckle details, jeans, large agate ring, and knit cowl neck sweater shirt.

Saturdays are also no make-up days typically, because who really needs to wear mascara to the Dollar Store? Speaking of which, I love the Dollar Store! From fashion to health and food to cleaning supplies, you can always find something useful there. Below are some of my favorite finds.

Fashion forward sunglasses, name brand hair supplies, basic health needs; the Dollar Store is a gold mine! If you are not already an avid fan, I suggest checking one out soon. They carry a lot of fun and useful things. I am a big believer in being thrifty. I work hard for my money, I want it to go as far as possible.

What are your favorite wallet friendly stores for fashion and food? 

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