Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Ten: I cant believe it happened again!

Once again I was confused for someone much older... my mother! There is a love/hate relationship with being told you are like your mom. I just hope that since I look like her now, Ill look young like she does when I really am in my 40s!

I'm so proud of my outfit today. I took a little risk and moved out of my comfort zone for this one. The skirt is new. I got it for Christmas. Up to this point I have avoided wearing it because it was belted and I never tuck things in. That is where my risk taking came in. I typically fear it will make me look larger. I finally forced myself to tuck a shirt in, and I think I rocked it!
From the bottom: black shiny flats, spanx hosiery, mustard/black line skirt, skinny black belt, basic 3/4 sleeve t with puff sleeve detail, yellow and orange dangle necklace and earings.
As you can imagine it was a process to get dressed this morning. Now, by the end of the day I just couldn't handle it any longer. I adapted the look so I could un-tuck, and I almost think I like that better.
The black line in the skirt gives a slimming effect. Many times curvy ladies avoid color, but if done right it can throw a sexy curve ball into the wardrobe basics. I also believe high waist belts are a curvy girl's best friend. It draws attention to your assets and helps reveal a lovely hourglass figure. This is especially useful with baggy fitting clothes. If your clothes are too big, you look bigger!

A new week means a new mini focus. This week is labeled "The Basics". For a week, beyond covering the monthly topic of "Life, Lunch, and Fashion," I will discuss what I find to be basics. I will sort out the wardrobe basics for the curvy; discuss hair style supply basics, and examine the contents of a woman's purse! (Especially a mother's purse) I hope you will enjoy this week as much as I am enjoying preparing for it.

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