Friday, March 22, 2013

Day Twenty-Two: A Sick Day

I used up a whole sick day, except Im not sick. My whole family is though. I got dressed and packed and awesome lunch just to leave work by ten AM. Don't worry, I still have a little bit of awesomeness to share.

I am so excited how slim I looked today! I didn't mean to look so chic, but I've done it again!
From top: shirt style blouse, dark jeans, black flats

I believe the blouse's pattern is what makes it so thinning. The blouse is from J C Penny. I used to have several similar ones, but this is all I have right now. The dark jeans are the Tighter Tummy Technology from Lane Bryant. I was running late this morning, but what this outfit really needs are some great bracelets or a nice bangle.

My Lunch

Since the first day of Spring was this week, my son and I's lunch fit the theme. It was fun to make... I only wish we had gotten to show them off.
My son's lunch

My lunch

 I must go and care for my sicklys again. I hope tomorrow will bring good health and some more to share with you.

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