Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day Twenty-one: Mourning My Favorite Hat

My favorite Winter hat spent its final hours in the bitter cold, doing me little good. Somehow a giant hole was riped into it and it began to unravel. There was little I could do to save it, so I let it go. Otherwise, my day was super normal. I will admit that I am unusually tired this evening. I doubt I will do everything I hoped to do tonight.

Still no responses to my recent questions... thats alright. I will have to just go on with no added direction.

My Lunch
I told you it was normal. I barely had this lunch actually. I was running a tad behind today because I forgot to make my lunch the day before like I usually do. I just threw a few things in my purse and ran.

My Outfit

This was slightly more put together, but my hair was hardly something special. I pulled it up into a messy bun. The pictures don't really give a good view of it, but I did get compliments on it. So it must have looked ok. I was unable to get any up close photos today and I'm very disappointed. There is some great detail in the shirt.
From bottom: black flats, eggplant dress pants, black t-shirt, silver bracelet with amethyst, purple dangle earrings.
The earrings are from Lane Bryant. They are fairly new so you can probably find them in stores and on the website. The t-shirt is from Marshalls. That is a great place to find name brands for good prices. I highly recommend Marshalls and Ross. It has a fabulous crisscross detail near the neckline. The eggplant pants have a fine pin-stripe. They are great pair of colorful pants that dress up my boring blacks and browns. The bracelet is from Target near the holidays. It is an unfinished amethyst on a dainty sliver chain. I like to wear purple with these pants to pull out the purple coloring they have.

Looking Forward

Next week's mini theme will likely cover several things. We will start looking at my plans for Spring break as well as talking about some crafty things! Also, because it is the week before Easter we are joining another week of random acts of kindness! I hope you all will join me this week in blessing someone else's life.

Life List

I know I haven't said much about my life list the last few days, but I have been thinking about it. In fact, I think I may add two things tomorrow. Im considering adding making myself some kind of clothing, but I dont know if its a big enough goal for my life list. I really want to become a real woman of all trades. Perhaps I will add something related to that!

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