Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day Sixteen: Looking Rough

I thought my outfit was alright this morning, but the pictures today make me think otherwise. The only good part about today's photo is you get to see one of my very handsome sons, Henry. Saturdays are lazy days, I usually don't wash my hair or wear make up. However, both the kids napped at the same time and free time came available, so I took it. It was very nice to have the time in silence while I showered. I still didn't wear any makeup, so if I do look rough, I apologize!

My Outfit

We celebrated St. Patrick's day as a family today, so I had to wear green. Searching through my closet, I now realize I need to buy more green clothing. The pickings were slim and I'm pretty sure my t-shirt had a tiny hole somewhere. Grr, its what I get for keeping clothes so long! It was also very hot, but I didn't realize that until I was already dressed. The weather lead me to wear two different styles through out the day.

The warm weather forced me to pull my hair out of my face so my scarf doubled as a hair bandanna. This picture does give a good view of my one of a kind earrings. These were another great craft fair find. The scarf is retro/vintage... rescued from toss aways.
 My green shirt is from Old Navy many, many seasons ago. My love for this t-shirt was obvious when I found the hole in it. My favorite part is the braid detail around the neckline and flowing sleeves. The jeans are Lane Bryant. The cutest accessory, the baby is all "AmanDrew" (my husband and I's collective nickname). As you can tell I left off my feet. That is because I didn't wear shoes for most of the day. When I did I wore my gold cap toe flats.

 I hope everyone has fun plans for St. Patrick's day tomorrow. Since my family celebrated early, I don't know what exactly we will be doing. Of course we will wear green again, but otherwise I haven't the slightest idea. If you have any good ideas for fun, fashion, or food for tomorrow, please leave a comment below. I want to know!

A Little Laugh
Check out this very funny movie I found today.

This guy has some rocking moves. You can find where I originally found this on Facebook.

Tomorrow starts a new week and a new additional weekly theme. I'm not really sure which direction to take, so here is another opportunity to share your thoughts. We may take a deeper look at my Life List which is located at the bottom of the blog. So, take a little time and read it over.

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