Monday, March 11, 2013

Day Eleven: Double Whammy!

There is so much to cover today it makes me giddy! I'm very excited to share my outfit, lunch, and part of my mini theme for the week "The basics". We are covering a curvy lady's wardrobe basics a little further down on this post.I am also going to be trying a more clear, marked format for today's entry, so enjoy!

The beautiful sight I got to enjoy this morning.

My Outfit

From the top: Matching Celtic knot dangle earrings and long chain necklace, kimono shrug, gold watch, black t-shirt, black dress pants, shiny black flats
 I got a ton of compliments on my wardrobe today. The kimono shrug is a real jewel in my wardrobe. I have a deep love for Asian inspired items and clothing. I also love to mix my global pieces, giving me the "world traveler" look. My hair was a flop today, but the messy do fit my eclectic look.

My Lunch
Talk about healthy! I did it up right today. A bacon and cheese biscuit and Swiss rolls, it seems I am well on my way to good health, right?! I know, I'm not proud of my selection either. Some days you have to go with convenience, rather than worrying too much. I believe its important to enjoy life and worry less.

A Curvy Gal's Guide to basics: Wardrobe
This is an all season, any style, list of basics. Addition of things I find essential to my style will be marked separately

First and foremost you need your basics in black:
  • LBD- All women need a little black dress. If it fits you well and you feel good in it, its perfect.
  • Basic T-shirt- Just because I say basic it doesn't mean boring, my favorite one has a great lace detail in the back.
  • 2 purses- You should have at least two purses in black, a larger everyday one and a clutch.
  • A blouse
  • A pencil skirt- From business to a date, this will have keep your curves covered beautifully. 
  • Dress pants
  • High waist belt- This helps to slim and show off curves. 
  • Camisole- Sometimes a little extra coverage is needed.
  • Flats
  • Heels- Make sure to keep these at a comfortable height. 
My basics in black:  
  • Boots- Mine are heeled and slightly biker inspired.
  • Sweater, blazer, or jacket- I have a great fake leather jacket I adore and I have my eye on a great blazer.
You also have to have your basics in denim:
  • Dark Wash Jeans- The darker washes are more slimming. 
  • Denim Shorts- These can be of any length, just not short-short.
  • Denim Jacket- Mine is a long 3/4 sleeve trench style.
  • Denim Skirt- I have a love for pencil skirts right now, so mine fits that category.
Then add some color:
  • A basic brown or tan sweater
  • 3 Well fitting blouses- My favorites have cowl neck which is slimming.
  • 3 fun and colorful scarves
  • A pair of sneakers
  • A high waist brown belt.
My basics in color: 
  • Brown sandles
Don't forget the necessary undergarments:
  • Spanx- May I suggest both traditional and pantyhose?
  • A well fitting bra
  • White Camisole
  • Comfortable underwear- If you don't like how you feel in it, it wont look sexy so forget about it!
Jewelry Basics:
  • Pearls! Earrings and Necklaces- This is every woman's basic.
  • A small pair of hoops
  • A pair of gold dangle earings
  • A silver pair of dangle earings
  • A long necklace
  • A right hand ring
  • A watch
My Basics:
  • Sunglasses- I like a large pair that protects me from the sun.
I also like to have all the basics in purple as well.
  • A Purple camisole
  • A Purple blouse
  • A purple sweater or blazer
  • A Purple t-shirt
Its also important to have a few things that sparkle! Most importantly, if you love it, wear it!                          

Tomorrow's entry will cover hair basics. Until then, enjoy!

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