Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day Twenty-Three: Mommy Time

Everyone is doing slightly better this evening. My kids and husband are on the track to getting well. So far I've come out of this mostly unharmed. The only thing that truly suffered today was my hairdo and lack of supportive bra (I wore a nursing bra all day). My five month old has been glued to me for the past two days and I've already busted two good bras using the incorrectly. Word of the warning: If you nurse without a nursing bra you will break your bra!
LOOK! Cute baby!

My outfit

Although I am unpleased with my hair and bust shaping, I think the outfit today had potential. I was creative with my accessories, which I like.
From Top: Feather necklace, purple t, wide brown belt, chain necklace as bracelet, dark jeans

I didn't wear shoes most of the day because I was home with a sick family, so excuse the bare feet. Since the accessories are the cool part of my selection, I will start there. The necklace is from a "teen" store in the mall. Feathers are so in right now, I'm glad I got this. The belt came with a skirt I no longer have that I purchased while I lived in South Africa. And the best part is the multi-chain necklace that I turned into a bracelet. I just don't have access to all my jewelry right now and I wanted a certain look. For those of you who are curious, a good portion of my wardrobe and jewelry are in storage right now! My husband and are a saving and house hunting, so we are currently home-sharing. I look forward to the day I have everything back! Until then, I have to be extra creative.

I also signed up for my free trail membership to Gwynnie Bee. If you are a size ten or larger, you should come try it with me. This company caters to bring high fashion, designer clothes to curvy ladies without the commitment of buying. Its basically a rental wardrobe. Read up on their website and come along!

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