Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Twenty-Five: Successful Day Off

I had a truly successful day off from work today. It was basically a redo of what my weekend should have been! I brought my youngest son in for a check up, I played outside with my kids, watched a little bit of a movie, did some sewing, and I looked cute doing it! It can't get much better than that for a snow day. Let me share my day with you in pictures!

Snow Day
Henry, the Easter baby!
 We figured that since its SUPPOSED to be Spring we would make a tiny Easter basket.

Building a snowman
 My husband enjoyed playing in the snow just as much as the kids did. In fact, he stayed out when the kids and I went back inside.
Ben's baby snowman

Benjamin showing off his snowman.

My son goes through moods when it comes to books. Right now he is very interested in the book Snowmen at Night. Since we are still getting wintry weather, I suggest you check your local library or you can buy it some place like Wal-Mart. 

Sew Creations

While my children slept, I was able to do a little sewing. I got a brand new sewing machine for this past Christmas, but Ive been so busy I rarely get to use it. I was so excited to sneak away for a while and play with it. I repaired my only denim skirt. (I had ripped the seam where the slit is, making it far too revealing!) I also did a project. I made a reusable shopping bag from an old t-shirt. I was inspired by The Art of Doing Stuff's blog. Follow the link to see her instructions on how to make your own bag. I adapted mine a bit.
Here is a picture of my creation.I wish it was a better view, but this is the best I got. It takes very little sewing machine know how to complete. If you can get it threaded and going, you CAN make this! For other great sewing ideas check out my Sew Creations board on Pinterest. During Spring break I hope to do several more projects.

My Outfit

Like I said, I relived Saturday. I made it a no make-up, no hair washing day. I did go out, so I couldn't stay in pajamas, but I was comfortable and cute.
From to: small diamond hoops, cross necklace, striped cowl neck t-shirt, jeans, felt loafers
You can't really see it in this picture, but I wore my hair in a side braided bun. The whole outfit was practical, without looking frumpy. The earrings are one of my few fine jewelry pieces. They were a gift from my in-laws. The shirt was a Goodwill find of a brand new Target shirt. The sleeves and the neckline are my favorite style. The only down fall I find with this shirt is the stripes. I don't find that stripes help my figure at all. The jeans are Lane Bryant, slightly flared. The shoes are a mix between a loafer and a flat. The work well with pants in both casual and work settings. These charcoal one's I got at Rack Room Shoes. Last, but not least in the cross. Ive probably had it since I was 14 or 15 years old. As a teenager I wore it all the time. My mother recently found it, so I'm rocking it again!

Life as I know it

What can I say, I really think this blog is helping me get more in tune with myself. After the birth of my children I lost myself in motherhood, now I am Amanda- wife, mom, and woman. I'm enjoying sharing my fashion, my family, my life with the blogging world. I'm also learning about myself. I like being more than what I can see!

Mini Focus

Random acts of kindness are hard when you are away from a lot of people! I was able to accomplish something, but I really want to do more. Do you have any ideas? I don't have money to spend, but Ive got heart and time. Please comment below with ideas.

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