Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven: Life Happens

I apologize for going MIA yesterday. Sometimes life just happens. It certainly happened to me yesterday. I wont go into crazy detail, but I'm relieved that yesterday is over and tomorrow is a brand new day. Anyway, Ive been thinking about this month's posts. Although Sunday marks the end of "Life, Lunch, and Fashion," I don't want to leave fashion behind completely. I am learning a lot about my self by exploring my thoughts on style and fashion. Starting Monday, along with starting "My Julia Project," I will continue to show you notable wardrobe selections. I look forward to sharing my new Gwynnie Bee deliveries very soon!

Day 26 Lunch

Some would say I never really grew up. It helps me to think its better not to. Chicken nuggets always make a tasty mid-day munch!

Day 27 Lunch

I am not nearly as pleased with my lunch today as I was yesterday. I happened to have left overs because my children wouldn't allow me to peacefully eat, so I just threw it in my lunch bag. It provided me with little energy power, but it tasted fine.
I don't recommend copying today's lunch!

Day 26 Outfit

If I haven't shared with you already, I really love things with a little sparkle. I enjoy feeling like a princess on occasion.  
From the top: small diamond hoops, retro/vintage sparkle sweater, vintage heart coin necklace, black dress pants, silver link bracelet, grey felt loafer flats.

Not only was this outfit cute, it is comfortable and sparkly. I almost don't want to admit that the sweater is a hand-me-down. Although the sweater is probably as old as I am, I still feel like I make it look young and up to date. The necklace and bracelet were both gifts from my husband. The charm on my necklace belonged to a family member of his many years ago. There is nothing new really to share otherwise about the outfit.

Day 27 Outfit

Because this is the final week of work before Spring break, all staff is allowed to dress down all week. I took advantage of that today and broke out some jeans and a school t-shirt. I kept my outfit work friendly by classing it up with accessories and a cardigan.
From the top: dangle Celtic knot earring and necklace, brown cardigan, maroon school t-shirt, jeans, converse style sneakers. Unseen: gold watch

I think I have shared where to get everything I wore today. If curiosity strikes you, or I missed something, please comment. I'd also like to know how you'd make jeans and a t-shirt more work friendly!

Style vs. Fashion

Style is a very personal thing. Fashion changes, but style is unique to each person. I am still in the process of creating my style and being comfortable in my own skin. Reading fellow bloggers posts, I have been inspired to issue a challenge to my readers. First read Putting Me Together's series on building a wardrobe from scratch. Second, follow her instructions an create a style board on Pinterest. Third, share a link to your board as a comment. I would love to see your boards! To get a glimpse of my style check out  my Want it!, Style-licious, and Interview/work Anthology boards.

Easter's on its way!

Check out the Easter fun we had today!

My son loved dying eggs! I also enjoyed creating a few fun designs of my own.
ombre egg

My teenage sister also enjoyed our decorating time!
I hope you are doing something to enjoy the season with your family!

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