Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Nineteen: Late Night Cookies

and other unusual thoughts...

1. Why does the scent of oranges make me think of Christmas?
2. Its decided I need tall brown boots.
3. Im going to miss discussing fashion when we move on next month!
4. I need a product to help with itchy eczema. Any ideas? Ill do a review!

My Outfit

The cause of the second act of randomness in the outfit I wore today. The outfit itself I was pleased with, but the shoes ruined everything! I'm telling you this now because I'm slightly embarrassed I have to show you the pictures.
From the AWFUL bottom: converse style tweed shoes, purple dress, brown-large buckle belt, brown camisole, chains.

Not only are the shoes a bad addition, the picture did not do me any justice today. I think I look a bit more on the rolly rather than curvy side. I intended on taking more photos, but time escaped me, As for where you can get the items. The shoes were cheap-o from something like Big Lots or Dollar General. Their purpose were "work" shoes when I worked in a summer camp. The purple dress is Old Navy. I promise it looks so much prettier in person. The camisole is Lane Byrant and the necklace and belt Im unsure about. The necklace was probably from some "teenie bopper" store in the mall. They are cheap and the jewelry in those places are good no matter your age or size. This outfit would have been acceptable with tall brown boots. Therefor, they are on my shopping "want it" list right now.

My Lunch

An epic fail of an outfit can go down along with my leftover lunch. Pizza again!

My in-laws, husband, and kids really love pizza and who am I to argue?

In Other News

I havent spent enough time with my life list today to go in depth right now. I have been reading around on several other great blogs, looking for inspiration, ideas, and advice. I have found several great ones on fashion and parenting. Im going to ask permission first, but I am hoping to give you guys links to some of them really soon!

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