Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day Seven: Happy Thursday!

Have I ever told you told you that Thursday is my favorite day of the week? Im not really sure why. Perhaps its the fact its almost the last day of the week or maybe its because it sounds cool. In any case, its also the 7th of March and that's my favorite number. Today should have rocked, but it ended up being rather normal.

I got to wear my skirt today, which excited me. The weather here is warming up this weekend, so I plan to experiment on my wardrobe. I found some great blogs and ideas on Pinterest that I am dying to try.

From the top: pearl and purple sea shell earrings and layer necklace. Purple cable sweater, basic black pencil skirt, shiny black flats
My lunch was ultimately more boring than my clothing choice. Tomorrow will be better. Fridays are Bento box lunch days!

So, I currently work in a Kindergarten classroom during the day. Today's character trait of the day was diligent. I think it was a great word to focus on for a while. Diligent is defined as "[h]aving or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties." I hope that you could describe me as diligent. I strive to but my very best into everything I do at work and at home. Do you consider yourself a diligent person?

My act of kindness today was a fail! I brought old markers in for a student who didn't have any. They were a little dry. The student was pretty excited anyway, but now I have to go get some new ones at some point. Friday and and Saturday are my final days of focusing on random acts of kindness. Still no comments of inspiration from the great wide world. I'm racking my brain for tomorrow...

Also, check out my brother's blog today for a GIVEAWAY! A Daily Dose of R & R

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