Friday, March 29, 2013

Day Twenty-Nine: My box arrived!

I was so excited when my box from Gwynnie Bee came today. I practically tore it open to get a glimpse of the clothing inside. I have to admit, I was very impressed with the packaging and personal touches that were included. The clothing was all nicely wrapped and clean. I look forward to showing off these new additions to my wardrobe, starting tomorrow.

Today was a delightful day off. I got several things done, I enjoyed a picnic with my children, and my package came.
 My little cutie was so brave today and climbed all the way up!

My Outfit

My outfit today reflects the fact I went to the park and had a picnic, as well as ran errands. Its casual and perfect for a cool Spring day.
From bottom: Snake print loafers, purple cords, Powers sweatshirt, sunglasses
I have to admit that my pose is not the very best to flatter my figure. Then again, neither is wearing a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt I "borrowed" from my husband. It came from some kind of catalog that makes clothing with your name on it. The glasses are from the dollar store. Yes, I think they look cool! Why spend $30 on the same pair somewhere else? The snack skin loafers are from Lane Bryant. I'm sad because they are kind of wearing out and Ive really grown attached to them.

Looking Forward

I'm starting to get excited about starting the new theme next week! I went shopping today and picked up the supplies to make my special dishes. The fridge and freezer are ready for my fun filled week of cooking.

I'm open to some feed back:
  1. I'm looking for a good lotion for itchy skin and a decent product to strengthen thin nails. I plan on testing and reviewing products until one does the trick.
  2. I am about to start potting training my two year old. Any ideas?
  3. My five month old is still not sleeping through the night. I'm considering doing Babywise like I did for my oldest. The only difference is he is sleeping in the same room as me, while my oldest had his own room then. I may have to hop over to Chronicles of a Babywise Mom's blog. Her blog helped me out a lot when Ben was young. Do you have any ideas? My youngest will be sharing a room with his brother when he moves out of my room.
Additional Info: If you are interested in additional information and another perspective on that type of sleep scheduling, you can also read Secrets of a Baby Whisperer.

I have read both books and they contain a lot of useful information. I would not take them as strict rules but as very helpful guidelines to helping you build healthy sleep patterns in your children.

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