Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day Seventeen: Happy St. Patrick's day!

I hope you wore green today!!! If not, I hope you didn't get pinched. My whole family gladly wore green as we celebrated my husband's heritage. I would love to know  how you celebrated today. Please feel free to comment and share with me.

My Outfit
From the bottom: Gold cap toe shoes, brown tweed (like) pants, flowing green kimono blouse, gold dangle necklace, brown scarf, Celtic knot earrings.
I had high hopes of wearing a dress to church today, but the weather and lack of time this morning changed my mind. The same goes for wearing heels today!

The new things today that you haven't yet seen are the blouse and scarf, and Im unsure if I shared wear I got the jewelry and pants. The pants and blouse are Lane Byrant. Although the shirt is many season's old, it is still a favorite in my closet due to the kimono sleeves.Truthfully, I have no idea where the scarf came from. Its one of those things that get lost in your memory. I believe the necklace was Charlotte Russe and the earring are from Guy & Eva. If you have never seen their stuff you should check it out.

Shout Outs

After glancing though my favorite blogs to browse through I cam across some fun stuff like giveaways and links to a few stores. If you like designer sunglasses and eyewear, check out If you would like to see a little more Guy & Eva jewelry you can check them out on Facebook. As always you can pick up many of my looks at Lane Bryant.

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's day. Hopefully we will get to start discussing life lists tomorrow! I am so curious to find out what is on everyone's bucket list.

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