Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day Twenty: A Cuppa Coffee Kinda Day

For those who dont know me well, I RARELY drink coffee, and never in the morning. But, this morning was a different case. After several nights of little sleep, two sick children, and almost falling asleep in the shower, I knew I needed to do something. I drank a cup of coffee, but much to my disappointment, it didn't help at all. All I can say is that Im tired... I still think Im super mommy today.

My Lunch

My lunch today was yummy. Still leftovers, but good ones. Mexican bake (also known as taco bake or casserole) and Mexican corn. I do love my casseroles. I enjoy making them. I enjoy eating them. I enjoy sharing them with others. What is not to like about them?
I was hoping to do two bento lunches this week, but its not going to happen. I am hoping to celebrate Spring in Friday's bento.

My Outfit

My outfit turned out better today than yesterday. In fact, I got a large number of compliments on my blouse today. It is one of my personal favorites now anyway, but that just kicked it to my complete favorite I think. I got it recently for an interview, but never wore it for one. I really think the cowl neckline makes it slimming. I have lots of picture today! I hope you enjoy.

Here are pictures of my outfit with and without my coat. This is the denim coat I spoke about it my basics. I love it. It is from Lane Bryant and its one of my favorite pieces. The shirt is from J C Penny's. They always have decent clearance and their work clothing in plus sizes is rocking now.
The pants are also J C Penny's I believe. If I haven't mentioned before, my basic black flats are from Payless.

Happy Spring! My jewelry today was inspired by our new season. I also have some great photos for you to view of those as well.

My necklace was a Christmas gift from my mother, so I cant say where its from. The ring however is from a Celtic fair that comes every year to my town near St. Patrick's day. I've had this ring since last year when I asked my husband if I could get a right hand ring. I meant to make it my signature piece, but it gets caught on things. That is very challenging as a parent. So, now its just worn on occasion, like many of my other rings.

Life List

Ive thought a little bit about my life list today. I have considered this blog some as well. I really want to make something out of this. Im not sure how or even what exactly, but its becoming a part of me. I am trying to think how I can incorporate it into my life list. I have also been thinking about how I can make a mark on this world. What will be people remember about me? Who will they say I was? What did I do? Our goal should be to change our world.

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